Sunday, July 25, 2010

american idol winner

Well, I only use the christen as a joke to describe:CommiesSocialistsPeople who don't like American FootballPeople who don't like the movie Rambo 4Those who don't be sweet on TVFascistsAmerican Flag burnersACLUAnyone who disagrees with South ParkTerroristsEuropeans RussiansThe month of AugustThose who don't like Stephen KingThose who don't be sweet on Quentin Tarantino moviesetc.
Haha. You forgot those who don't be sweet on baseball and apple pie. :D You and forgot Canadians. :P
ugh I hated Rambo 4. They should enjoy left it at three, passing over nooooo, they had to keep making profits. The movie was basically a dog pile connected with you-know-what, all in all was sure also Stallone didn't know good acting if it sat in his lap and called him mommy. I shush think third was the best in how they detail it to an pretended real province event. How is disliking a crappy movie un-american? :)
Ya see? That represent you Un-American (and the third one was the worst).Rambo 4 was a pure awesome. The unrated sketch in fact enjoy a kid in the background inspire harpooned and flinged into the air. Pure Win.
It makes YOU Un-American as well, because the movie is based customary Burma. :p As an American, you should enjoy Rambo kicking Commie Russian butt customary the third one, and on the occasion that you don't then you are un-American because they were our curvature rivals :). Besides, they already did precise about the same area in Rambo 2, Rambo 3 was nowhere gone there.
I solute you. Except because south park. But I have never actually spy it.
Let's see...I hate American football. "Rambo" is terrible. I can't counter television. I support flag-burning equally an represent of protest. I'm European. Two of my sans pareil friends are fraternal twin who immigrated from Russia. And I haaaate summer.:)
you are the second almost un American individuality I know after Joseph Stalin. American rugby is great, Rambo is a vile series, TV is a good source of entertainment, People who cauterize the US flag should be stood relevant customary front of a firing squad. I'm not sure what you limited via European. Russians can't be trusted because they are drunk integer the all and they are commies and summertide is a all of relaxation and nice weather.
CommiesMeSocialistsMePeople who don't be sweet on American FootballMePeople who don't be sweet on the movie Rambo 4Those who don't be sweet on TVFascistsAmerican Flag burnersACLUAnyone who disagrees with South ParkMeTerroristsEuropeansRussiansThe month of AugustThose who don't like Stephen KingThose who don't be sweet on Quentin Tarantino moviesMe
Someone not a citizen of precise of the Countries located on the American continents...
That's boring. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Agreed.The minimum breadth for an argument is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to clip down over the all of dumb jokes, because we can keep the quality of bandy and discourse as high equally possible.
"un-American" nowadays simply fashion any thought, speech or action such is contrary on your self-defined idea of Americanismit is a floating, arbitrary definition
technically, "Americanism" is defined by the US Constitution and its derived lawsso, "un-Americanism" is everything bottle be proven on be un-Constitutional
To be un-American is to go additionally with the vent of the masses and not say what you wish to say, not at all affair how far scratch it is. It is to NOT protest when wish be. It is on regularly dissent about it and forever do anything on represent your life here any different than it is. It is to not carry through a disagreement albeit you know that you can.
CommiesliberalsterroristsUS peter out burnershippiessocialistspeople who hate baseball and apple piepeople who grievance American footballpeople who want to shut down Gitmopeople who want to "end" the war in the middle eastimmigrantsillegal immigrantspeople who think province peace temperament become a reality
people who think world peace temperament be remodeled a realityYou mean idiots, right?
Hey, via the time the shine dies out, perhaps there will be world peace. Just not galactic peace...
By that all world composed won't affair - only galactic peace.
Well...., on Facebook, albeit someone pisses you off, you un-friend them. In the U.S., albeit someone pisses us off, we un-Americanize them ;)
Means people that don't believe customary equal rights, restriction connected with speech, Ronald Reagan, and don't find Nascar exhilarating.
I've show Avatar and part of Up in the Air. However, from what I've heard connected with it, I hope the Hurt Locker temperament win.
Wow, I'm behind schedule in my movies !
Seen all the movies except Up customary the Air... That's not going to win.Avatar is going to win, not because of its story, but considering connected with its ground breaking graphics.
Of the nominees, I have seen District 9, Hurt Locker also Up. Of those three, Hurt Locker was definitely the best. It was simply intense.
I've seen Up, District 9 and Inglourious Basterds. All three are widely different stories. Out of the three, District 9 IMO would have a better chance than the other two. The graphics are seamless, the method of exhibit the apologue was interesting, and it was very much a saga of segregation, albeit the affix was somewhat obvious.

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