Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Was Angel Cabrera's victory because of experience or luck.?

He earned it. He could enjoy easily packed it in over the blind nine. I'm not sure if you watched the unimpaired supreme round, passing over after what precedent quick were the CBS announcers to point out around vent 7 in reverse so, "ONLY GOLFER ON THE LEADER BOARD WHO IS OVER PAR TODAY". He really fought, fought, and fought some more to get through a tough round and made some bull shots. I was actually rooting for him after the 16th when Verne Lundquist basically gave Kenny Perry the tournament among his "HE HIT THE SHOT OF HIS LIFE" bellow on the parity 3. Sure, a limited occasion forever hurts,,,we all wish it in life,,,,,,,,however, Cabrera earned that win. Cheers.

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