Sunday, July 25, 2010

If you were the Yankees would you have traded Tyler Clippard and Austin Jackson?

At the point connected with the trade, Albaladejo was better than Clippard, because I probably would enjoy represent the trade unless I enjoy scouts who could figure out what Clippard would eventually do.

I would not enjoy traded Jackson. They traded him because they thought he would hit for a high average also field well, passing over strike out a patch also not hit for power. So far, he's right, but the same could be said almost Robinson Cano albeit he primitive develop up. That's the kind of thing such changes a few youth in to your career also on the occasion that you can field well and hit for a high average, that's fine because a rookie (and if you bottle be among the league leaders customary average, origin that's partial awesome). They traded him for Granderson. Essentially, Granderson is the thespian they were hoping that Jackson would become. While it won't cause wonder anyone because Jackson on be remodeled better than Granderson, it will be a cause wonder if, by the end of the season, he's already better (although he dubiously had a transcend start than the foul up Granderson).

So the trade was a reasonable precise for the Yankees to make, but I like keeping guys like Jackson around, bringing up soil grown talent like Hughes, Joba, Gardner, Cano, and Cervelli, joining the older soil grown generation of Pettitte, Mariano, Jeter, and Posada. Granderson is likely to be and like a Johnny Damon, Tino Martinez, or, probably, Nick Swisher, a guy who be remodeled a real integral part connected with the team, but only a passer via customary the end, sooner than a guy like Alex Rodriguez, Paul O'Neil, Dave Winfield, or, probably Mark Texiera, a boy who started elsewhere passing over becomes an adopted lifer and spends years with the Yankees before retiring there.

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