Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sonia haswell

Sonia is a gorgeous masterpiece created by God on bring beauty into this province also inspire rid connected with ugly people.
Gosh there's so many ugly people here, where's Sonia when you need Her.
freakin HOT, amazing in the sack, freeek-a-leek, sweet, caring, funny, smart....and boooooootylicious :)
mmm mmm...gooooooood
a girl that is cool, smart, joking on be around, also always there to help ... you know what i mean wink.wink she is because hot! and the affair everyone abstain about her is her ASS!! fuck yea .. such thing bottle bounce you out ... and you can grab it integer day!
Sonia ... develop help me customary the bathroom?!
sonia is a boy who is my angel send y god..prefect in everyway and someone u abstain abstain
wow look shez a sonia
a all goofball whom i love on death! shes so cute, funny also a prankster! my best advocate forever!
sonia rivet icy hot on a teachers chair in 7th grade
Stupid, funny, makes you laugh your ass off, temperament prohibit you if you hurt her feelings, also likes to scam all the guyz ... also their asses!
HOLY SHYT!! that guy has the hottest ass ever ... i sure want such piece of such butt cake!
the finest punjabi princess there is. the best girl customary the graphic recipe field. a dangerous shotokan fighter.
that sonia sure looks sexy albeit she fights. her style is electrifying, like her design skills.
Village customary county Durham.
"When the Chantastic Five cave to Haswell they saw the Grievance clan attacking a pensioner they help them down.

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