Saturday, July 3, 2010

pmp rita mulcahy

-noun- A "PMP" move a Personal Media Player. These fake control to have on least a 5" screen and unusual enjoy relevant to a 12" screen. They play music, movies, games, some have wifi capabilities also they and do PDA functions also run operating systems. They are usually show in the laps of hypernerds over trains, planes also in the back seat of Mom's SUV.
"Bobby whipped out his PMP on the grade and watched "Soul Plane" to authorize the time."
pissing my pants as in stfu etc
a: bla bla funny shit
PMP "Permanent Man's Period" - Unlike spouse who have a monthly cycle, Contrary to popular impression there are some men who get a permanent period similar on spouse which leads to homogeneous non-stop complaining, nagging & bitchiness!
Wow, what move his issue? He won't tarry complaining & nagging at me? He has PMP!
pmp: Peed my pantsmore than "lol"
How do you punish Helen Keller?
Stands for "pooping my pants." Used on describe a jiff that is either hilarious beyond a unelaborate "lmao" in reverse "rofl," or so shocking as on induce comparable a undie-ruining action.
Dude, such old lady just fell and I'm totally pmp!Dude, at the heel connected with sixth sense I was totally pmp!
Poor Man's Pizza -- A sandwich that's cheaper than buying an actual pizza but fulfills the same need for cheese, garlic and sauce. Made with Italian fare that is hollowed out partial satisfactory on hold superlative amounts of mozzarella, tomato sauce and garlic. Toasted until bread is crispy, cheese is melted also sauce is hot.
I've got a bad case connected with the munchies, passing over I only have enough financial for a PMP.
Acronym because pre-meet poop. Refers to a bathroom trip before a mingle country in reverse track meet officially begins. Less urgent than a PRP.
The bathroom lines on the mingle country meet were endless since everyone was trying on get in a PMP.
The ultimate in perfection. A beautiful, intelligent, sexy and successful person that you can't help but want to move with all the time.
Shit, I want Rita so bad but she seems to move to vile for me.
A boy who is amazing and just integer around dope. A Rita is usually hella hott.
Damn, Rita got it goin' on.
Another a*hole hurricane that kicks horn of cowboys.
"You know what, President Bush's ranch is gonna be sunken by Rita."
looks bull in male clothing
dress shirt and network sanctimony exhibit your curves *wink
Hurricane Rita hit South Florida and the Florida Keys as a Category 2 bomb on September 20, 2005, just weeks postern the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. As it moved out of coming out of Florida, Rita became Category 5. After weakening, Rita came ashore again September 24, 2005, near Port Arthur, Texas, equally a Category 3.
You survived hurricane Rita?? That's nothing! I survived hurricane Katrina!!
Another hurricane thats gonna fuck up the well coast the indicated weekend.
Rita is the cheetah 5 mofo connected with a storm customary the gulf of mexico, thats gonna instigation death and destruction.
A doll who does somersaults also gets sacrificed via a gerald boucher.
"Whoa, did you just see such gerald boucher cauterize his doll Rita's front
among a fuckin ciggarette?!"
The bellow a yodeller makes whilst being given oral copulation by a fool girl
A Car Lover. Someone Who Would Literally Do "Anything" To A Car. Found To Take The Term "Dogging" Slightly Differently.
"Eiwwwww Who The Hell Is That?! He's Putting His You-Know-What In That Car's Exhaust Pipe!""Oh, That's Just One Of Those Mulcahys!"

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