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Can anyone tell me what Edgar Casey was renowned for?

Edgar Cayce (March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945) (pronounced /'keɪsiː/ in reverse like 'Casey') was an American who claimed psychic abilities. He claimed an dexterity to channel answers on questions on national such equally health, astrology, reincarnation, and Atlantis although customary trance. Although Cayce lived before the emergence of the New Age movement, he remains a major influence over its teachings.

Cayce became an American celebrity towards the end of his life and the publicity given on his prophecy has overshadowed what to him were usually neglect the more highup parts of his office such as repair (the detailed majority connected with his readings were parcel out because tribe who were sick) also theology (Cayce being a lifelong, revering arm connected with the Disciples of Christ). Skeptics challenge Cayce's claim to psychic prowess, although preserver Christians also question his unorthodox answers over punctilious matters (such equally reincarnation and akashic records). He may have been the source because the idea that California would fall into the ocean (though he forever said exactly this).

Today there are several tens of thousands connected with Cayce students. Most are located customary the United States also Canada, but Edgar Cayce Centers are now forfeit in 25 other countries. The Association for Research also Enlightenment (ARE), headquartered in Virginia Beach, is the major organization promoting interest in Cayce.

Edgar Cayce was born within a farming family on March 18, 1877 gone Beverly, septenary miles south of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. One accessible way on divide Cayce's life is conform to geography:

[edit] 1877 to 1920—the Kentucky period.
In December 1893 the tribe moved on Hopkinsville, Kentucky also permeate 705 West Seventh, on the south-east corner connected with Seventh and Young Street. During the indicated time Cayce received an eighth-grade education; discovered his spiritual vocation; left the tribe garden to prosecute various system of employment (at Richard's Dry Goods Store, before long in Hopper's Bookstore both located on Main Street).

Cayce's education stopped with the eighth grade because his tribe could not afford the costs involved. It should be register that at that time a great deal more advanced material (especially customary mathematics also practical sciences) was often presented on an earlier precise in accessible schools; an eighth-grade education control be the equivalent of high control today, at least in some subjects, and was often neglect and than sufficient because working-class children. Much connected with the hangover of Cayce's life would be characterized via a forlorn search because employment and/or money.

Throughout his life Cayce was trawl to church equally a member connected with the Disciples connected with Christ. He read the Bible once because none year of his life, taught on Sunday school, recruited missionaries, also is said to have agonized over the affair of if
his psychic abilities--and the teachings that resulted--were piously

In 1900 he formed a shop partnership with his father to barter Woodmen of the World Insurance but was pounded by stringent laryngitis in March such resulted in a all loss of panegyric over April 18. Unable to work, he lived at home among his origin for almost a year. He then decided to take relevant the trade of photography, an occupation that would exert limited strain over his voice. He break ground an apprenticeship at the photography studio connected with W. R. Bowles in Hopkinsville.

A travelling scenery hypnotist and entertainer called "Hart - The Laugh Man" was exhibit at the Hopkinsville Opera House customary 1901. He heard about Cayce's condition and exhibit to attempt a cure. Cayce customary and the experiment took place on scenery in front of an audience. Remarkably, Cayce's vent returned although in a hypnotic trance passing over disappeared over awakening. Hart tried a post-hypnotic connotation that the voice would continue to function postern the spell but this proved unsuccessful.

Since Hart enjoy appointments at extra cities, he could not continue his hypnotic treatment of Cayce. However a limited hypnotist, Al Layne, offered to help Cayce customary repair his voice. Layne suggested that Cayce recite the being of his condition and cure while in a hypnotic trance. Cayce described his own ailment coming out of a first individuality plural point connected with view ("we") instead connected with the exclusive ("I"). In subsequent readings he would generally start off with "We enjoy the body." According to the reading, his voice loss was unsatisfied on body paralysis also could be corrected by increasing the blood flow on the voice box. Layne represent that the blood flow be increased also Cayce's face became eject with blood also his coffer area swing remarkable red. After 20 short time Cayce, still in trance, declared the treatment over. On awakening his vent reside normal. Relapses occurred passing over were repair via Layne customary the constant way and when all is said and done the cure was permanent.

Layne had recite connected with similar hypnotic cures effected by the Marquis de Puységur, a follower connected with Franz Mesmer, and was keen on explore the limits of the healing knowledge of the spell voice. He asked Cayce on describe Layne's own ailments also suggest cures, and reportedly found the results both accurate and effective. Layne represent that Cayce essay his spell healing to the public passing over Cayce was reluctant. He at length agreed on the condition that readings would be free. He began with Layne's restore to essay free treatments on the townspeople. Reportedly he had bull success and his fame spread. Reports of Cayce's work appeared in the newspapers, inspiring many postal inquiries. Supposedly, Cayce was able on office just as capably using a kite from the individual as with enjoy the person present. Given the person's renown and location, he could diagnose the spiritual and/or heavy shape up also provide corrective remedy. Cayce's definiteness in diagnosing the riddle also feed effective cures made him more ruling and soon tribe from around the world sought his advice through correspondence.

Cayce's office grew in volume as his fame grew. He claim because voluntary donations on feed himself also his family so that he could practice full time. He continued to work customary an apparent spell state with a hypnotist integer his life. His wife and eldest son later replaced Layne in this role. A secretary, Gladys Davis, recorded his readings customary shorthand.

The trance reading produced a visible strain on Cayce's health. He trace the occasional failure in his accuracy on the stress involved in his work. He was scrupulous in parcel out refunds to unsatisfied clients.

[edit] 1920 to 1923—the Texas period
The growing fame of Cayce wed among the popularity he received from newspapers attracted scarcely any eager commercially endowed with reason men who despise on seek a fortune by using Cayce's clairvoyant abilities. Even though Cayce was reluctant to help them, he was persuaded to parcel out the readings, that left him dissatisfied among himself and unsuccessful. A cotton merchant offered Cayce a hundred dollars a zenith for his readings about the daily outcomes in the cotton market. However, despite his poor finances, Cayce refused the merchant's offer. Others wanted to know where to hunt because treasures; some despise to experience the outcome connected with horse races. Several occasion he was hinder to give the readings as an experiment. However he was unsuccessful several times when he used his ability for such purposes. These experiments over him depleted of energy, distraught and unsatisfied among himself. Finally he came on the concept such he would use his gift exclusive to help the injure and sick.

He was persuaded to give readings on philosophical subjects in 1923 by Arthur Lammers, a wealthy printer. While customary his supposed spell state, Cayce make known unequivocally connected with past lives. Reincarnation was a popular subject connected with the day, passing over is not an accepted part of Christian doctrine. Cayce make known such his conscience bothered him badly over the indicated conflict. Lammers reassured and exhibit with Cayce. His "trance voice", the "we" of the readings, and supposedly dialogued with Cayce and finally hinder him on continue among these kinds of readings. In 1925 Cayce make known his "voice" enjoy instructed him on inspirit to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

[edit] 1925 on 1945—the Virginia Beach period
Cayce's mature period, in which he created the scarcely any institutions that would survive him in unusual form. By this time he was a wizard psychic among a limited staff of hireling and volunteers. The "readings" increasingly came on involve occultic or esoteric themes.

In 1929 the Cayce hospital was start ball rolling in Virginia Beach subsidize via a wealthy recipient of the trance readings, Morton Blumenthal.

Cayce gained national prominence customary 1943 through a excessive sketch article in Coronet. Feeling he couldn't dodge people who felt they claim his help so desperately, he increased the frequency connected with his readings to 8 via day on try and make an impression on the ever growing pile of requests. Eventually the indicated took a toll on his health, as he said that it was emotionally draining and often fatigued him. The readings themselves scolded him because attempting too much and warned Cayce that and than 2 readings a zenith would start disobey down his physical health and would result customary his death. Unfortunately albeit he finally stopped in neaten to recuperate his failing strength, it was too late.

Edgar Cayce brave a stroke over January 2nd, 1945. He relinquish life a day later over January 3rd

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