Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why is Paris Hilton out of Jail? What are your feelings on this?

My feelings exactly. I mean I thought this was such a hulking thing you know becuz everyone is watching this (cuz she is known worldwide for being an idiot) so motive rather of proving such she is just added person and think her equally they would treat anyone else, would they let her essay sooner she completed the time authorize to her.

If it were all connected with us we would be sitting there rotting for who experience how long, whether we were wellmeant or not, and no precise would make known anything. But becuz she has money she bottle walk. It's just such a shame. A shame to experience that official who is conspicuously guilty bottle walk just becuz they have money.

Money doesn't represent you worth more. It's a defile to see a life valued more than others quietly becuz their family enjoy money.

Sad day for the Judicial System indeed.

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